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About us


The fine products from our Dolcier factory represent the sweet combination of quality, creativity, elegance and exclusivity. These are the well-founded values ​​that stand behind Dolcier's work - and thus describe an attitude to life. Since 1924.

The quality comes from the most careful selection of our raw materials and the valuable craftsmanship. We strive for the highest possible quality in all areas. In order to meet this premium standard, we rely on the best raw materials, ongoing innovations, consistent manufacturing quality and the highest possible freshness in our products. We strive to produce our confectionery with sustainable and natural organic ingredients, ideally from the region. This is not to jump on a trend, but for the sake of the quality and first-class taste of our products.

Our creativity gives the timeless classic of patisserie art a new form that does justice to the spirit of the times. The elegance of our signature is an unmistakable expression of our style, which impresses with its elegance and timelessness compared to fast-moving trends. It is also our creativity that makes our products unique - and gives us the freedom to live out our innate pioneering spirit.

Exclusivity is the daughter of creativity, which we live every day at Dolcier. It characterizes the uniqueness and value of all our creations. Furthermore, we understand the claim of exclusivity to mean consistent and unconditional customer orientation in all areas. Despite the often anonymous online structures, interpersonal and sustainable relationships with customers, employees, regional suppliers and partners are very important to us at Dolcier.

In addition to these characteristics, our desire for taste and aesthetic perfection also shapes the entrepreneurial lifestyle that we have pursued since 1924. An expression of purist and never flaunted luxury that can be lived in an individual way. Our products are examples of the successful balancing act of tradition and innovation, which we define through subtle details. Our attractive packaging rounds off the value of our creativity and helps to revive the craftsmanship we have practiced for many decades from a modern perspective.

»The inestimable advantage of history lies primarily in the fact that it allows the important basic ideas to take root in our hearts from generation to generation.«



We see staying true to these maxims as a promise we have made. First and foremost towards ourselves, but even more towards our customers.


In 2016, the handover of management to the fourth generation began. The company thereby benefits from the expertise, experience and innovation of the cross-generational management. For the future, the company plans to incorporate the modern zeitgeist and digital opportunities even more strongly into the fortunes of the company management - even or especially despite external influences, such as the corona pandemic in 2020.


"Our aim is to offer quality-conscious connoisseurs a variety of gourmet products of the highest quality. As a traditional family business, we understand our craft and attach great importance to the selection of natural raw materials from the region. These form the basis of all our work. The satisfaction and appreciation of our Employees and customers are our daily challenge, which we want to fulfill with all our heart."

(Benjamin Rau, CEO)