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Gelato for the Bavarian Prime Minister: Dr. Markus Söder visited us

High-ranking visitors to Wallenstein: Bavaria's father Dr. Markus Söder and Health Minister Klaus Holetschek visit us "for a Wallenstein ice cream"

As patron and guest of honor of the historic “Wallenstein” festival in Memmingen, which takes place every 4 years on our doorstep, Bavaria's Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder the Allgäu. He didn't miss the opportunity to try a large portion of our "1630" festival ice cream together with Health Minister Klaus Holetschek and Memmingen's mayor. We were very happy about the visit - and also about the praise for our "fine special creation" for the festival. #SöderIsst

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Special Ice Cream Flavour for the "Wallenstein" Festivals

Specially created for the historical festival: “1630 - Wallenstein Ice Cream”

Known primarily as a modern general, Wallenstein was also a person who loved good food and drink. One more reason that we wanted to create a special ice cream specialty in honor of the Wallenstein Festival, which he would certainly have loved when he lived in Memmingen in 1630...


Our ice cream flavor “1630” is a composition of fresh Alpine milk, creamy cream, fine caramel honey and crispy “Wallenstein” cookies - refined with melt-in-the-mouth nut nougat cream.

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Press release from April 1st, 2022 (April Fool's Day)

(Update: April 2, 2022 // Note: This message is an April Fool's joke)

Rising milk prices and raw material shortages

Memminger Eis-Manufaktur buys its own cows because of the explosion in milk prices

"For us, the decision came at very short notice and it was a step into a completely new, unknown topic. But the tense situation on the raw materials markets leaves us little choice - you have to start thinking again," Benjamin explains to us Rau, managing director of Dolcier Patisserie & Gelato from Memmingen.

The traditional company, which is dedicated to producing Italian Gelato Naturale in the summer months, has now become the first ice cream manufacturer in the Allgäu to purchase its own organic dairy cows for self-sufficiency in order to defy impending delivery bottlenecks and extreme price increases.

Dairy farmer 2.0. - from today to tomorrow

In a 7-day crash course internship on a Demeter organic dairy farm, the trained marketing economist and ice cream maker acquired the most important basics that are necessary to make milk production self-sufficient from now on. The company was able to secure species-appropriate housing for the four cows, which belong to the milk-producing “Latte Macchiato” breed and come from northern Italy, through cooperation with a farmer near Westerheim (Unterallgäu district).

"It was particularly important to us that the cows feel comfortable in their home. A large area of ​​wild grass for grazing, mineralized Grander water in the troughs and a generally aesthetic ambience on the organic estate convinced us that this farm was exactly the right place for them "Our plan is," recalls Rau.

New tasks and long working days

However, life as an organic dairy cow farmer has its price and demands a lot. The day for the agricultural career changer currently starts at 5 a.m. - complete with rubber boots and full-body hygiene equipment. To ensure the highest quality and food standards, the fresh milk is pasteurized directly on site and can then be processed into the over 30 types of milk ice cream that the company puts on the waffles from midday in the ice cream parlor on the market square in Memmingen. "It's definitely physically demanding, and I really underestimated that at the beginning. But when I turn on the light in the stable in the morning and see the smiles on the faces of my beloved spotted cattle - how they moo in unison to greet them - it all happens quickly "Forget it. You then know why you're doing all this. For the best milk - and an incomparably creamy gelato," says Rau.

Whether more cows will follow and the Memmingen ice cream makers will set up their own dairy cow stable in the medium term is currently still unclear.

(Update: April 2, 2022 // Note: This message is an April Fool's joke)

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