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✹ GINGERBREAD SEASON ✹ AVAILABLE TO ORDER AGAIN NOWWe are looking forward to an enjoyable autumn and winter season ❄︎

Our promise: Always freshly baked.

We occasionally receive inquiries as to whether we can deliver the order expressly in 1-2 days. Unfortunately, we can rarely achieve this. But why do we usually need a few days (more) for production & delivery?

Most of our manufactured products are freshly produced to order in order to guarantee maximum enjoyment and the highest possible freshness quality. We deliberately do not produce in stock, which can result in longer delivery times than with commercial products, for example.

Despite all this: We always do our best to process, produce and safely ship all orders as quickly as possible. With DHL we also have a reliable logistics partner at our side who delivers our packages throughout Germany within 1-2 working days. Orders abroad take longer - depending on the country and season, the deadlines can be determined individually.